Lauren Alexis Photography is a natural light photography studio based out of Chesterton, Indiana specializing in Family, Child, Newborn, and Maternity Photography serving the NWI and Chicagoland Region.

Located at The Studio in downtown Chesterton. 

Proud member of the

National Association of Professional Child Photographers

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206 S. Calumet Rd. Suite C
Downtown Chesterton, IN

Open by appointment only




Hey Photogs! Feeling stuck on how to edit your photos? Come hangout with me and watch me edit one of YOUR photos to help inspire you on how to move forward in editing your sessions! 


Sign up for a One-on-one Hangout with Lauren for one hour and tackle issues you may have in editing your sessions, on YOUR schedule. You will have your RAW photos edited live for you to see (up to 4 edits, your choice of your photos or mine!) so that you may learn something new and use that to edit the rest of your images. Also, one-on-one help with any questions on techinique, editing, and culling answered!


Programs I will use:
- Google Hangouts (REQ)
- Adobe CC: Bridge (optional), Camera Raw, Photoshop (basic knowledge of these programs is preferred) 
- Only action I use: Frequency Separation for sharpening (from Phlearn .com, this is optional)




-Reserve your chosen day/time for the Hangout of your choice through the event page of the Hangout within this group. Use the link to reserve your seat. (This may change, but for now it's how I will set up the Hangouts)


-Only AFTER registered, email up to 8 (eight) different RAW SOOC "straight out of camera" photo files to:
(please note only one of the three will be chosen to be edited, this is to ensure quality and that I have something to work with) 
-Subject line should have your Hangout day/time
-Name each photo the following way: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 1 (and 2, 3)
-RAW (.NEF) file is best, JPEG is okay if you must. No cellphone photos please!


[ ]
- I will use Google Hangouts, it is probably a good idea to visit their website to make sure that it will work for you ahead of time come Hangout night. You can use it on your computer or on your phone through the app. You may need to sign into your google account, or sign up for a free one. Please let me know what email you will be using so I can send the invite.
- I will share a private link 10 minutes before starting. I love when I can see your smiling faces during the Hangout (but we understand if you turn your camera off) Don't worry about how you look, this going to be a laid back event, heck I'll probably be wearing jammies myself lol! 
- Grab a cup of coffee and maybe a notepad, and relax! 
- Ask any questions you would like through the stream.


***PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A LIVE BROADCAST, IT WILL NOT BE RECORDED.*** It is up to you to be on time. If you are running behind let me know by tagging me in the group, or send me a message and I will do my best to hold off on editing your photo until you arrive.




Hangout Rules & Info:


-The point of these Hangout & Edits are to help you by WATCHING AND LEARNING. I encourage you to take notes and ask questions, and give helpful input should you choose.
-Absolutely no recording the edits. If you are caught recording you will no longer be able to attend.
-Please allow 2 hours to complete all edits (this may change as I get into the swing of things) Currently there is no particular order in which photos will be edited 
- All Hangouts start in CST (Chicago time)
- It is up to you to be on time!!! If you will be late, please mail me, tag me in the group, or message me on Facebook.
-All seats are non-refundable, but because life happens, you are allowed one reschedule should you not be able to make your reserved date. Just message me privately and we will fit you in somewhere.
-If there is an emergency and I need to reschedule I will let you know, we will try to plan for another day, or you can be refunded. 
- Attendee is expected to be respectful and kind! People from all sorts of skill levels will be attending. Any rudeness will have you kicked out of the Hangout and not refunded.
-We can take a 5 min break depending on how everyone is doing and how long the Hangout has been running for. I hope to keep it around an hour, but under 2 hours.
-Colors on your screen may vary based on the device you view from, best viewed from a color calibrated device!

Photo Usage:

- By submitting your photo you are giving me permission to edit your original photo in front of the small group of people in the live hangout. 
-EDITS ARE FOR LEARNING PURPOSES ONLY. (I just want to be clear on this part so there is no confusion!) Therefore you will NOT receive high resolution copy of the edit. It would be a misrepresentation of your work and I discourage you from showing clients. 
-I DO encourage you to take what you learn and apply it to your own style! Share what you learned with us in the group! We LOVE Before & Afters!!!! 
-Your original photo and edited photo may possibly be shared in the Hangout & Edit Facebook group so others can see before/after. Photos will be safely watermarked and low resolution if posted. This group is closed and clients will not be able to see anything posted here. I will not use the photo in any other way outside of this group and will be deleted soon after Hangout is over to make room. If for any reason you would not like your photo shared in this group, please message me and let me know privately.
-AGAIN, if you would NOT like your photo shared in this group for any reason, please message me and let me know privately!!!



Facebook Group: HANGOUT & EDIT with Lauren Alexis Photography


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$49.00Sale Price